Encourage health and wellness in your company, family, church or among your friends by forming a team to run the 5k together. By working together, your team can do a lot to raise awareness about hunger and raise funds to reduce hunger immediately in Weymouth.  

Registration is $25 for the 5k and $10 to walk the Strawberry Stroll, a 1-mile stroll through the woods on a paved trail. 


Our highest fundraising team of 2016: Team Donovan!

Our highest fundraising team of 2016: Team Donovan!


In addition to the registration fee, we encourage your team to raise additional funds to support the Pantry from friends, relatives, and co-workers who'd like to sponsor the team in the 5K. 

Every dollar counts when it comes to pledges. With our buying power as a food pantry, we're able to provide 4 nutritious meals for every $1 your team raises, so even a little bit goes a long way! 

Download our fundraising toolkit here!